CAS Portfolio

"Students are expected to maintain and complete a CAS Portfolio as evidence of their engagement with CAS and achievement of the seven CAS learning outcomes."

CAS Portfolio Guidelines...

--Students should use the portfolio to plan their  CAS program, reflect on their CAS experiences and gather evidence of involvement in CAS

--The CAS portfolio should remain up-to-date and relevant.

--The portfolio will be brought to each CAS interview to be discussed and for the CAS coordinator to give encouragement and advice. Notes and advice from the CAS interviews should be kept in the CAS portfolio.

--Students have choice about how their CAS portfolio is assembled: digital, online, diary, journal, scrapbook or a blended approach. Platforms can vary as well: website, blog, scrapbook, video log, files.

--The final CAS portfolio will be presented to the CAS coordinator in the final CAS interview. Students will use their portfolio as a tool to describe how they met the 7 learning outcomes and to reflect on their overall CAS experience.

Student info: Final CAS Interview/portfolio