CAS Project

"A collaborative, well considered series of sequential CAS experiences, engaging students in one or more of the CAS strands of creativity, activity and service."

The CAS project is something that happens in addition to ongoing CAS experiences (which take place throughout 11th and 12th grade.)

Students will complete their required CAS project sometime between January and April of their 11th grade year. An optional 2nd CAS project can be done their senior year.

CAS Project guidelines and requirements...

--Students must be involved in at least one CAS project during their CAS program, but more than one CAS project is recommended

--CAS Projects should be collaborative in nature: between a group of students or with members of the wider community

--CAS projects must be a minimum of 1 month, from planning to completion

--CAS projects can address any single strand, or combine two or all three strands (creativity, activity and service)

--CAS projects should use the CAS stages as a framework for implementation

--Students must reflect on their CAS experience, which can be done both individually and with others that they are collaborating with

--If the CAS project is solely a "service project," it is important that the service project involves working alongside community members with ongoing communication, focuses on a meaningful and authentic need, and ensures that the actions taken are respectful and reciprocal. Awareness of the possible impact and consequences of the student's actions should be part of the service project planning process.

--When applicable, students should complete a risk assessment form when during the planning phase of their CAS project.

CAS Project examples...

Creativity: A student plans, designs and creates a mural with a group of students.

Activity: Students organize and participate in a sports team including training sessions and matches against other teams.

Service: Students set up and conduct tutoring for people in need.

Creativity and activity: Students choreograph a routine for their marching band.

Service and activity: Students plan and participate in the planting and maintenance of a garden with members of the local community.

Service and creativity: Students identify that children at a local school need backpacks and subsequently design and make the backpacks out of recycled materials.

Creativity, activity and service: Students rehearse and perform a dance production for the community retirement home.

CAS Project form

(to be filled out by the CAS student or group of students planning a CAS project together)

CAS Project Form