"Physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle."


Ongoing activity...

  • Students can continue with a group or club that they are already involved in, inside or outside of school. They are encouraged set goals and to further extend or develop their participation as appropriate.

  • Examples: sports team participation (school or outside team), dance lessons, running club

School-based activity...

  • Students can begin to participate in activity opportunities that the school offers (aside from their DP classes.)

  • Example: join a sports team, initiate a sports club or team, help coach a sport's team

Community-based activity...

  • Students can participate in activity within the local community, with a regularity that builds and sustains relationships while allowing the growth of physical well-being at the same time. (These should not be single events of activity that lack depth of meaning!)

  • Examples: join a community based running club, dance class, or other out-of-school sports group

Individual activity...

  • Students can engage in solitary activity experiences, over an extended duration of time. They should set personal goals and work towards those in a sustained and correctly applied manner. Risk assessment should be conducted beforehand if applicable.

  • Examples: attending a gym, bicycling, roller-skating, swimming, or strength conditioning