Roles in CAS

CAS Coordinator

Mrs. Good is the CAS coordinator. Her responsibilities include:

  • Providing information about CAS requirements and opportunities to students, parents and Daystar staff

  • Meeting with students to introduce CAS at the beginning of year 1 (11th grade)

  • Facilitating weekly CAS meetings for 11th and 12th graders

  • Approving CAS experiences and CAS projects

  • Meeting individually with students for the 4 CAS interviews throughout year 1 and year 2

CAS Advisors

If needed, a few Daystar staff members will take on the role of CAS Advisors. They will each be paired with a few students and their responsibilities will include:

  • Approving CAS experiences and CAS projects for these students

  • Holding CAS interviews with their assigned students

  • Joining weekly CAS time on a regular basis

  • Communicating any CAS concerns to the CAS coordinator


Students play the MAIN role in CAS! Student responsibilities include:

  • Participating in CAS during both 11th and 12th grade

  • Approaching CAS with a positive, growth-mindset attitude

  • Using the CAS stages to guide CAS experiences and projects

  • Participating in the 4 required CAS interviews throughout their 2 years of DP

  • Taking part in at least 1 CAS project

  • Having a balance between the CAS Strands when planning and participating in CAS experiences

  • Ensuring that there is an adult supervisor to verify CAS experiences/projects

  • Keeping records of CAS experiences and projects, including reflections on those experiences

  • Demonstrating that all 7 learning outcomes have been achieved through a CAS portfolio

  • Behaving appropriately, ethically and with integrity