CAS Stages

The CAS stages provide framework for students to consider, make plans for, carry out and reflect on their CAS experiences/projects:


Students identify interests, skills, and talents to be used in considering opportunities for CAS experiences, and for personal growth and development. Students investigate what they want to do, determine the purpose for their CAS experience, and identify needs they want to address (in the case of "service.")

Investigation often involves:

--Media: articles, videos, books

--Interviews: questioning experts

--Surveys: finding out from many

--Observation: onsite viewing


Students clarify roles and responsibilities, develop a plan of action to be taken, identify resources and timelines, and acquire any skills needed to participate in the CAS experience. Students should conduct a risk assessment if applicable.


Students implement their idea/plan individually, in partners or in groups.


Students describe what happened, express feelings, generate ideas, and raise questions. Reflection can happen throughout the stages and can inform next steps.


Students show what and how they learned and accomplished informally through a variety of mediums and formally through their CAS portfolio.